Black Mold: What is It and How to Remove It?

Black Mold in Your House?

Black mold, sometimes referred to as "toxic black mold," is a microfungus that requires high levels of moisture in order to grow. It is most often found in water-damaged or damp buildings. In large amounts, black mold has been known to cause health issues, including respiratory diseases and allergic reactions. If you believe there is mold in your house, it is highly recommended you schedule an appointment for a mold inspection.
Is Mold Affecting Your Health?
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How Mold Grows

All mold grows especially well on high cellulose materials, such as drywall, paper, and fiberboard. When mold grows on a surface, it uses the materials as a food source. Constant moisture is required for its growth, which is why mold growth directly correlates with leaks, trapped moisture, and water damage. 

How Mold Spreads

To understand how black mold spreads, you need to know a little something about the organism. Mold grows and spreads through their "spores." Spores are light and float through the air, landing on new surfaces. If the surface is moist, the spore can create a new colony and it appears that the mold is "spreading." You don't have a single mold problem that is increasing in size. The mold is reproducing and taking hold anywhere there is a moisture problem.
Artist's depiction of mold releasing a spore into the air.

Harmless Black Mold?

When most people say "black mold" they are usually referring to a mold called Stachybotrys, which is thought to be harmful. However, there are many different types of harmless black mold as well. The most common is Cladosporium, which has no known toxic side effects. 
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Tips to Prevent Mold Growth

Mold can begin growing within 24 hours after water damage has occurred. The key to preventing mold growth is to control the level of moisture in the air and on surfaces. Toledo mold removal specialists use proven techniques and professional equipment to remove excess water and thoroughly dry visible and hidden moisture. 
Black Mold Removal - Drying Fans
Industrial fan used to dry water damage in the kitchen.
Here are some mold prevention tips you can use for minor water damage:
  • Extract any excess water with a wet vacuum or water pump.
  • Thoroughly dry out the property by circulating air using high-powered fans.
  • Remove any water damaged materials so you can dry behind in unseen areas of the home.

Black Mold Removal in Toledo

If you have already found black mold in your house - act quickly! Mold damages the materials it grows on. The longer it grows, the more damage it will cause.
Getting rid of black mold is not something you can do just by cleaning. Once you have black mold growth, it is recommended to have it tested and professionally removed. The basic black mold remediation process is as follows: 1. Mold Testing & Inspection A Toledo mold removal expert identifies the cause of the mold growth, species of mold, areas affected, and extent of the damage. 2. Mold Removal/Remediation Cause of the water damage is repaired, damaged materials are cleaned or removed, and surfaces are disinfected. 3. Post-Remediation Re-Test (Optional) If necessary a test by an independent 3rd party may be conducted to confirm all mold has been removed and not returned.

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